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     第四部分 外語運用能力測試(英語)


      Part One  Vocabulary and Structure


     Questions 11-15 are based on the following passage:
      Not enough American students want to be engineers, mathematicians, or scientists. The Obama administration wants to change that. They are spending money to do it. The government will invest three billion dollars in the education of young Americans in science, technology, engineering, and math. The four areas together are known as STEM. Many jobs in the STEM fields will open in the coming years. The U.S. government's investment aims to increase the number of Americans who can take those jobs.

    Yet girls appear far less interested in STEM subjects than boys. Only 25% of STEM students are girls. Camsie McAdams from the U.S. Education Department says girls simply do not feel welcomed in STEM subjects. She says young women look at industries such as engineering and computer science and see most of the leaders are men. “We, as women, want to have people that look like us, people that we can relate to. A lot of times what keeps people from entering the field, even when they get the degree, is because they don’t feel welcomed.”
    Engineer Debbie Sterling invented for girls a construction toy named “Goldie Blox”. She hopes Goldie Blox will help girls develop spatial skills, which help engineers and builders to think about objects in three dimensions(維度)).To interest girls, Sterling created the character “Goldie.” Goldie does not care about beauty or clothes. Goldie tells stories, solves difficult problems and creates imaginary worlds.
    11. According to the passage, STEM jobs in the US are not ______.
    A. taken by old peopleB. attractive to youngsters
    C. respected in societyD. very well paid
    12. One measure that the Obama administration will take is to ______.
    A. raise pays for young engineers
    B. encourage girls to go to college
    C. create more jobs in the STEM fields
    D. invest more money in education
    13. Girls lack interest in STEM subjects because they feel ______.
    A. unqualified for STEM jobsB. unwelcome in STEM jobs
    C. unconfident in themselvesD. ignored in those classes
    14. Debbie Sterling invented “Goldie Blox” to ______.
    A. help girls tell stories better
    B. develop strong character in girls
    C. provide girls with more entertainment
    D. arouse girls5 interest in STEM 

    15- The last paragraph implies that ______.
    A. Goldie has displayed a beautiful imaginary world
    B. Goldie has a character that youngsters like
    C. Goldie Blox has made girls interested in spatial skills
    D. spatial skills are highly demanded in STEM jobs
    Questions 16-20 are based on the following passage:
    Early last month, Bill Gates released a video of a venture funded by the Gates Foundation: the Omniprocessor, a Seattle-based processing plant that bums sewage (污 水) to make clean drinking water. In the video, Gates raises a glass of water to his lips. Just five minutes ago, he explains, that water was human waste. Gates takes a sip (小口 呷)). “It’s water, ’’ he says. “Having studied the engineering behind it, I would happily drink it every day. It’s that safe.”
    According to the Foundation^ estimates, at least two billion people lack access to proper sanitation (公共衛生); a report warned that, within the next decade, “many countries will experience water problems— shortages, poor water quality, or floods—that will risk instability and state failure.” The Omniprocessor’s approach seems to be the perfect solution. It offers clean drinking water where access is lacking. In fact, the technology has been around for years, and its effectiveness is an established fact So why hasn’t it been widely adopted yet?
    That's precisely the question that Paul Rozin tackled in a series of studies spanning over 2,000 American adults and several hundred college students. The results were published in the journal Judgment and Decision Making. “The problem isn't making the recycled water but getting people to drink it,” Rozin said. “And it’s a problem that isn’t going to be solved by engineers. It will be solved by psychologists.”
    16. The video shows that Bill Gates is ______.
    A. explaining the water recycling process
    B. making water out of sewage
    C. drinking clean water made from sewage
    D. risking drinking polluted water

    17. The video seems intended to ______.
    A. build public confidence in recycled water
    B. market the new sewage burning technology
    C. persuade people to save water
    D. improve Bill Gates, public image
    18. According to the report mentioned in Paragraph 2, water problems will ______.
    A. become more worrying for economic reasons
    B. worsen the sanitation situation in poor countries
    C. be solved using the Omniprocessor’s approach
    D. endanger the national security in some countries
    19. According to the author, the water-recycling technology ______.
    A. proves effective
    B. is not worth the investment
    C. remains to be tested
    D. is technically difficult to use
    20. This passage is mainly about ______.
    A. the importance of psychology
    B. the future of the Omniprocessor
    C. the ventures of Gates Foundation
    D. the acceptance of recycled water
    Questions 21-25 are based on the following passage:
    In his book Hamlet's Blackberry. William Powers describes a scene that should
    strike many as familiar. “Here I was in New York, the most fantastic city in the world— so much to look at, to see and hear, but everybody around me was staring closely at some digital device,” he said. “These small devices are wonderful, and they do fantastic stuff for us all day long, but to miss out on your surroundings all the time, which I think we increasingly do—I really question that.”

    Powers certainly doesn't condemn the way we use these devices. He does, however, recognize the downside of constantly being flooded with new information—or what he calls the “over-connectedness.” Among the things that suffer from our overconnectedness, Powers says, are relationships. ”It's not really connectedness. It's sort of the opposite of connectedness.”
    How are we supposed to cope with the problem? Powers has one suggestion: just disconnect. His family, for example, takes an “Internet Sabbath” every weekend. “We turn off the household modem, and we don’t have smart phones. We can’t do Web surfing,” he explains.
    According to Powers, the positive effects of these technology breaks are felt long after the weekends are over. “Even when we're connected, we can feel the benefits of having been disconnected a couple of days ago,” he says. “It's about that simple word, ‘balance’.”
    Not that he thinks unplugging your modem is necessarily easy. ”It's really hard to pull away. You have to know why you're doing it, and really believe,” he says.
    21. According to Paragraph 1, William Powers ______.
    A. has a passion for digital devices
    B. dislikes New York city
    C. writes about a familiar scene
    D. is a well-known writer
    22. The word “downside”(Para. 2) is closest in meaning to “ ______.”
    A. shortcomingB. confusion
    C. effectD. challenge
    23. During the “Internet Sabbath”, the Powers family ______.
    A. go out for a surfB. are free from the Internet use
    C. play games on the InternetD. don’t make phone calls
    24. According to Powers, technology breaks ______.
    A. allow people to live a simple life
    B. seem to make weekends longer
    C. make people’s life better balanced .
    D. have a short positive effect

    25. The passage is most likely a ______.
    A. social surveyB. book review
    C. technical reportD. news item

    Best Value For Vacations in August (Flights + Hotel)

    26. Where will you go if you want to enjoy a 3-week vacation?
    A. Alaska. B. Mexico City.
    C. Miami. D. Havana Cuba.
    27. To have a 4-night trip with about $ 500, you can visit ______.
    A. MiamiB. New York
    C. DallasD. Las Vegas
    28. To have a one-week vacation outside the US, you can leave on ______.
    A. August 24B. August 2
    C. August 1D. August 3

    29. Which of the following plans in the US provides the best hotel?
    A. Alaska. B. Miami.
    C. New York. D. Las Vegas.

    30. How much do you have to pay for a coolest summer vacation?
    A. $1262 per person. B. $1229 per person.
    C. $1095 per person. D. $643 per person.

    Part Three Cloze Directions:
    There are ten blanks in the following passage. For each numbered blank, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center
    Researchers at the University of Edinburgh studied the relationship between music and remembering a foreign language. They found that remembering words in a [31] was the best way to remember even one of the most difficult languages. Here is [32] they did.
    Researchers took 60 adults and [33] them into three groups of 20. Then they gave the groups three different types of “listen-and-repeat” learning conditions. Researchers had one group simply [34] the words. They had the second group speak the words 35 a rhythm, or beat. And they asked the third group to sing the words. All three groups studied words taken from the [36] language for 15 minutes. Then they took part in a series of language tests to see what they remembered.
    Why Hungarian, you ask? Researchers said they chose the Hungarian language because not many people know the language. It does not [37] any roots with German or Roman languages, such as Italian or Spanish. After the tests were over, the singers came out [38].
    The people who learned these new Hungarian words by singing them showed a higher overall [39] They did the best in four out of five of the tests. They also performed two times better than [40] who simply learned the words by speaking them.
    31. A. paperB. songC. bookD. story
    32. A. whatB. howC. whereD. why

    33. A. broughtB. splitC. formedD. combined
    34. A. spellB. writeC. speakD. sing
    35. A. asB. inC. forD. to
    36. A. HungarianB. GermanC. SpanishD. Italian
    37. A. showB. shareC. takeD. make
    38. A. on averageB. in betweenC. on topD. at the bottom
    39. A. contributionB. progressC. functionD. performance
    40. A. thoseB. themC. theseD. others
    參考答案:31-35 BABAB
    36-40 ABBDA
    Part Four Dialogue Completion Directions:
    In this part, there are ten short incomplete dialogues between two speakers, each followed by four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that most appropriately suits the conversational context and best completes the dialogue. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.
    41. A: Dad, could you help me with my math assignment?
    B: ______ But I’ll try.
    A. Give me a break. B. My math is great.
    C. My math is rusty. D. How come?
    42. A: Little Johnny has a basketball game this afternoon. I'm driving him to the game.
    B: ______
    A. Oh, good luck for his team. B. What are you doing today?
    C. Oh, that goes without saying. D. What a beautiful game!
    43. A: You want to do something fun?
    B: Yes. ______ I need to finish my assignment now.
    A. That depends. B. Why not?
    C. What do you suggest?D. But I shouldn’t.
    44. A: What is the topic of your research, Frank?
    B: Forms of transportation. ______ ?
    A: I've been finding out about people's attitude towards organic food.
    A. What about youB. Any suggestions
    C. Is there anything elseD. How are you going

    45. A: Did we get off the bus too early?
    B: ______
    A: I shouldn’t have listened to you.
    A. What seems to be the trouble?B. It kind of looks like we did.
    C. Of course. D. No kidding.
    46. A: Service department. ______ ?
    B: Yes. The washer we bought at your store about a month ago doesn't work right.
    A. What’s your problemB. What’s happening
    C. Can you help meD. May I help you
    47. A: Hello, IM like to buy a map, please. Do you sell it here?
    B: ______
    A: Do you know where I can buy one, please?
    A. Yes, what kind?B. Yes, right over there.
    C. No, I’m sorry we don’t. D. No, how about a globe?
    48. A: I’m sorry, there’s no record of your booking here.
    B: ______ I called the office this morning.
    A: Let me check again.
    A. How unlucky!B. What a day!
    C. Never mind. D. How can that be?
    49. A: Are you having problems with this form?
    B: I don’t understand some things.
    A: That’s simple enough. ______.
    A. Don't count on anyone elseB. Don’t be fooled by it C. Let me show youD. Let me give it to you
    50. A: Don’t you think that lady is inappropriately dressed for a place like this?
    B: ______. I don't like women who wear low-cut dresses to church.
    A. I can hardly tellB. Yes, I do
    C. Just think of itD. No, I don’t


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